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Our customers are saying great things about Zetta


Zetta is a service based company relying on its reputation. Our employees will go beyond the extra mile ensuring the customers that Zetta is a trusted and reliable resource. Our commitment goes beyond the sale and we dedicate an enormous amount of time and effort in building partnerships.


Z-Dose29 - Dose Monitoring Solution

"To summarize:  I have zero reservations and would buy it again without hesitation or reservation.  Their install and support people were great.  We’ve  had no negative experience.  It works as promised.  This will allow us to keep our unit for a few more years.  

We have two Siemens’ Sensation 16’s, one of which Siemens could upgrade, one of which it could not.  Our scanner had two of the four XR-29 requirements – dose modulation and reference doses.  It lacked DICOM Structured Dose Report (DSDR) and Dose Alert/Notification.  We installed Z-dose on the one Siemens could not upgrade.  It was a simple install and went very well.  As I recall we needed only to provide them with IP address or two, a network port, and wall power.  The techs have said that they actually prefer the Z-dose interface to Siemens OEM solution.   

If you would like to speak with me call anytime.  It might be best to schedule a call."
- CEO, FRBMA Radiology Group


"I had heard of ZettaMed's ZDose XR-29 Solution just prior to RSNA so I stopped by their booth to learn more.  It provided the capabilities our scanner did not natively have and was just the solution we needed.  We are now fully XR-29 compliant!  I don't normally post testimonials, but given the confusion surrounding third-party XR-29 solutions I felt some might benefit from it. "

- CEO at GenRad


"Very affordable solution to make any scanner NEMA XR29 compliant.  We bought this product and avoided replacement of an older yet fully functional and supportable scanner."

- System Manager of Imaging Service, Clinical Engineering at Advocate Health


Service Delivery

“Mike and more importantly the employees of Zetta Medical under his leadership provide reliable, professional, medical imaging services and overall outstanding customer service support of their customers. I recommend Mike Ghazal and Zetta Medical as your MR and CT service provider.”

- Regional Director at Adventist Midwest Health


"Mike- Thank you so much.  We are really looking forward to continuing our relationship with Zetta.  As I mentioned previously, your company does an excellent job of supporting our needs."

- Chief Executive Officer - The Medical Center at Elizabeth Place


Field Service

“On behalf of Blue Star Imaging, I would like to extend our appreciation for the exceptional service your service engineer, Said, provided us while repairing the Sensation 16 CT at our TX location. The quality of his work, professionalism, and his knowledge were truly impressive. It was extremely refreshing to receive the outstanding service provided by you and your company. His troubleshooting skills saved us valuable time, and were instrumental in allowing us to maintain our patients’ appointments with little interruption. Said worked long weekend hours to complete the job, and when needed, ensured that parts were ordered and delivered in as short of a time as possible.”

- Blue Star Imaging / Official Imaging Center of the Dallas Cowboys


"Also, I want to let you know that we appreciate the time and effort your guys put in to get the MRI back on-line.... The hospital department was very happy this morning and the unit has been humming along flawlessly all day."

 - Regional Director, Clinical Engineering at AMITA Health


Parts Sales & Delivery

“Roy is an outstanding resource and an expert in his field by being attentive and following through to meet his customer requirements."

- Director at NovaMed


Zetta Team and Operations

"Mike, Just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks to you and your team for hosting us last week.  You have an impressive operation and a very engaged team.  I would also like to add that you and your teams attention to quality was well represented.  I look forward to having additional conversations about growing our relationship."

 - Senior Director (Large Multi-Vendor Service Organization)


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