Top 10 Reasons to Choose Zetta Medical Technologies

1. Zetta is a leading national independent service organization with OEM trained engineers that service Siemens, GE, Toshiba and Philips CT, MRI and PET/CT.
2. Zetta has a 30,000 square foot facility with over $15mm in parts and equipment inventory. Learn More
3. Zetta has a complete repair facility specializing in MRI coils, gradients, RF amplifiers and MRI coldhead repairs.
4. Zetta has developed an exceptional remote diagnostic capabilities to monitor equipment performance from image quality to magnet boil off rates to optimize helium consumption. Z-LINK has at least three times the capabilities of others in the ISO market. Learn More
5. Zetta truly has the most comprehensive test equipment owned by one company in the industry including magnet ramping, shimming, eddy current compensations, RF calibrations, coldhead replacements, patient table alignments, CT tube replacements, jtag and RCOM calibrations.
6. Zetta's in-house applications support capabilities for MRI and CT is second-to-none and didicated to assist technologists in producing optimized image quality, image artifact review and manage scan protocols.
7. Zetta offers additional capabilities for RF shielding repairs, shielding testing and/or complete build outs.
8. Zetta offers classroom and lab focused service training, ranging from beginner to expert level. Training is provided by Zetta's extensively trained and experienced in-house technical operations team. Zetta has the most comprehensive CT, MRI and PET/CT equipment staged, to receive the best hands on experience.
9. Zetta has a complete inventory of the most sought after CT, MRI and PET/CT's on the market. Our advertised equipment is always owned by Zetta and located within our facilities. Learn More
10. Zetta's professional installation team handles site planning, rigging, magnet landing and equipment relocations with complete cabling and system calibrations. Learn More

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