FDA 510(k) clearance for Z-DOSE29™ - NEMA XR-29 Solution




Lake Zurich, IL - April 28, 2017 - Zetta Medical Technologies announces their FDA cleared product Z-DOSE29™.


Zetta Medical Technologies announces receiving the FDA 510(k) clearance for Z-DOSE29™; the most innovative 3rd party NEMA XR-29 solution on the market. Z-DOSE29™ is a vendor neutral product and is compatible with CT equipment from the major manufacturers. Z-DOSE29™ utilizes secure networking protocols and proprietary connectivity algorithms to interact with your CT scanner to record the CTDi and DLP values and notifies/alerts the CT technologist (prior to scanning) of any values exceeding a predefined threshold. Z-DOSE29™ was developed by Zetta to help its customers obtain their NEMA XR-29 compliance.


Z-DOSE29™ is the only 3rd party solution that displays DOSE CHECK notifications and alerts on the CT monitor as required by the NEMA XR-25 and XR-29 standards.  READ MORE


Z-DOSE29™ is part of Zetta's suite of creative software solutions (Z-DOSE29™, ZIA™, Z-LINK™,Z-PULSE™, Z-VIEW™) designed and developed with hospitals and imaging centers in mind.


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Zetta Medical Technologies is a leading national independent service organization (ISO) and innovator providing products, service and sales for CT, MRI and PET/CT equipment. What makes Zetta a leader is a wider range of services on GE, Siemens, Toshiba and Philips equipment. For more information, contact Zetta at (847) 550-9990.


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