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Zetta’s advanced MRI software engine, ZOOMTM receives FDA 510(k) clearance



Lake Zurich, Illinois – June 25, 2018 - Zetta Medical Technologies announces their new FDA cleared software ZOOM™.

Zetta Medical Technologies announces the release of its latest MRI software algorithm for image quality enhancement and image optimization of short scanning techniques.

ZOOM is vendor neutral that works with all MRI models from all major manufacturers. Its core algorithm was designed to help MRI imaging departments to automatically process all MRI imaging techniques, including time sensitive short scans.

ZOOM™ utilizes standard DICOM communications protocol to receive data, processes it and automatically transfers the enhanced images to PACS. Its powerful engine can simultaneously manage incoming data from multiple scanners to satisfy aggressive workflow demands. Developed in the USA by Zetta, ZOOM™ helps MRI imaging departments maintain patient care, increase patient throughput and improve scanning profitability.

ZOOM™ joins Zetta's suite of innovative software solutions (ZIA, Z-DOSE29, ZDOSE-RP, Z-LINK and Z-PULSE) designed and developed with hospitals and imaging centers in mind. READ MORE ABOUT ZOOMTM

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Zetta Medical Technologies is a leading national independent service organization and developer of innovative software products while offering quality service solutions for CT, MRI and PET/CT equipment. What makes Zetta a leader is a wider range of service and software solutions developed for GE, Siemens, Toshiba and Philips medical equipment. Zetta is an ISO 13485:2016 certified company. For more information, contact Zetta at (847) 550-9990 or via www.ZettaMed.com


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