MRI Service

Zetta is a true multi-vendor MRI service provider

MRI service can be costly to obtain and even more costly when scanners go down. Trust the professionals at Zetta to keep your MRI system performing!

Our extensive experience and knowledge are the key factors to delivering optimum results. Zetta Medical Technologies offers MRI service tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are interested in a one-time service event or the security of a long term service agreement, Zetta delivers economical solutions to help achieve your business objectives without sacrificing quality.

MRI Service Plans:

  • GE, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba
  • Full Service Agreements
  • Magnet Maintenance Agreements
  • Planned Maintenance Agreements
  • Shared Risk Agreements
  • Support Agreements
  • Z-LINK™ Remote Diagnostics
  • Parts Only Agreements
  • Demand Services
  • Technical Training
  • Exclusive Time and Material Service

Benefits Include:

  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Dedicated Service Team
  • Priority On-site Response
  • Telephone Technical Support
  • Remote Access Services

Demand Services:

Our flexible on demand services provide brokers, healthcare and in-house professionals the ease of calling us on an as needed basis. Zetta’s services include:

  • Coldhead and compressor repair and/or replacement
  • Magnet ramp, shim and calibrations
  • Magnet quench recovery
  • RF coil repair
  • RF room shielding build outs and service
  • MRI equipment relocations
  • MRI equipment evaluations and inspections
  • General Time & Material Responses

In-House Engineering Support:

Need a second opinion? Zetta’s dedicated in-house technical team is always available and ready to assist your in-house biomedical or clinical engineering team(s). We offer:

  • Telephone Support: Our team of professionals are ready to answer any of your technical questions.
  • On-site Support: Upon request, Zetta will dispatch a technical specialist to work side-by-side with your in-house engineer staff.
  • Service Training: Your in-house engineering staff is eligible to attend our CT, MRI and PET/CT service training. Please visit our Service Training page for more information.
  • Discounted Parts: We can design a program that meets your specific needs including price discounts on replacement parts.
  • Test Equipment: Access is available to our MRI service tools and test equipment.

MRI systems we support:

  • GE MRI Systems: Optima, Excite, EchoSpeed, LX, HiSpeed, SmartSpeed, Horizon, Signa
  • Siemens MRI Systems: Avanto, Espree, Symphony, Harmony
  • Philips MRI Systems: Acheiva, Intera, Polaris, Eclipse
  • Toshiba MRI Systems: Titan, Vantage, Atlas
  • MRI Magnets: LCC, CXK4, Conquest (CX), S-Series, OR122, OR105, OR70, OR76, OR24, OR26, OR35, OR32, OR42, OR41, F2000
  • MRI Coldheads: Sumitomo, APD and Leybold

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