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Patient Safety is our Passion


Zetta is proud to introduce ZIA™, its innovative software solution to improve your CT image quality.  Our FDA 510(k) cleared solution is specifically designed to work with CT scanners models from all manufacturers.  It utilizes our proprietary algorithm and does the work automatically for you to:

  • Improve CT images quality
  • Enhance image quality while maintaining LDCT lung screening techniques
  • Enable the use of low dose protocols while preserveing the desired image quality
  • Extend the life of your CT tube, which results in lower maintenance costs


Zia Workflow

 Images automatically transfer from the scanner to ZIA to get optimized before it arrives automatically to the PACs system


ZIA™ Features & Benefits
Features Benefits

Works with all CTs from all vendors

Compatible with all CT make/models

FDA 510(k) Cleared

Vetted to Reguatory Standards

Enables the use of low dose protocols

Reduce radiation dose to patients

Reliable DICOM networking protocols

Seamless install and low-cost integration

Extend the life of your CT tube

Lowers your maintenance costs

Full 12 months parts and support warranty

All-inclusive installation with no additional costs 

 Low cost, high quality product

Profits to your bottom-line 



ZIA Tower


Hardware provided by Zetta consist of a dedicated workstation hosting the ZIA software.  The workstation automatically receives the DICOM images from the scanner and processes the images with our proprietary algorithm within seconds and it automatically transfers the improved images to the PACs system for diagnosis.  A turnkey solution complete with installation, training and 12 month warranty is provided.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 

Ask your Zetta representative about a bundled software package to include ZIA and Z-DOSE29 - NEMA XR-29 Solution 



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