Z-PULSE - MRI Remote Monitoring Solution


We remotely monitor your MRI to keep our finger on the Pulse of your scanner!


By providing remote automated real-time monitoring of your MRI and CT scanners 24x7/365 days a year, Z-PULSE™ will send real-time and immediate alerts and notifications via text messages and emails when your MRI scanner conditions exceed the manufacturer's recommended settings. Z-PULSE™ is an automated proactive MRI monitoring system, it is designed and developed by Zetta from the ground up. Z-PULSE™ hardware and software are Zetta's own complete proprietary solution. Z-PULSE™ feeds up-to-the-minute environmental data into our data center where we also log and track the ongoing performance of your scanner. Z-PULSE™ sleek design is equipped with a built-in LCD screen for your in-house staff to view the performance data real-time and instantaneously while on site.

Z-PULSE™ proactively tracks the following MRI key measurements: 

  • MRI Magnet Shield temperatures
  • MRI Helium Levels
  • MRI Coldhead performance
  • MRI Compressor status
  • MRI field status
  • Chiller water temperature
  • Chiller water flow
  • Equipment room temperature
  • Equipment room humidity
  • and much more


Z Pulse












Z-PULSE™ is designed to work with scanners from GE, Siemens, Philips and Toshiba and it installs in a couple of hours.  We will watch your system for you and notify you when unexpected events occur at your site.  

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