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MRI scanners are state of the art powerful medical diagnostic tools that has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, especially in the area of brains and body imaging. Despite the up to date technical breakthroughs, many challenges remain, ranging from long scanning times forcing patients to remain put in the magnet and stress on MRI components when utilizing heavy duty techniques plus all the high costs of operating an MRI scanner (and in many cases multiple MRI scanners). It is imperative today to maximize the benefits of utilizing MRI scanning times for patients and healthcare providers.


ZOOM™ incorporates proprietary processing algorithm and AI tools. It comes to market as an integrated solution from Zetta to help healthcare providers to:

  • Decrease scan time for patients

  • Lower costs of operation for healthcare providers

  • Scan more patients within same work hours

  • Increases existing equipment longevity, shorter scanning times means less stress on gradients and RF amplifiers

  • Images with improved SNR reaches radiologists faster for reliable image analysis


Zetta’s solutions make imaging much faster, ZOOM™ integrates seamlessly with the scanners’ standard image processing workflow to process standard DICOM MRI images and data obtained from any MRI scanner and produces quality results from short scans. ZOOM produces richer images with more details, it improves clinical workflow by employing artificial intelligence to provide automated accurate results that can improve diagnosis and ultimately treatment.


ZOOM™ Features & Benefits
Features Benefits

Works with all MRIs from all vendors

Compatible with all MRI make/models

FDA 510(k) Cleared

Vetted to Reguatory Standards

Enables the use of short scan protocols

Reduce scanning times

Reliable DICOM networking protocols

Seamless install and low-cost integration

Extend the life of your MRI Hardware

Lowers your maintenance costs

Full 12 months parts and support warranty

All-inclusive installation with no additional costs 

 Low cost, high quality product

Profits to your bottom-line 


zm image1

zm image2

zm image3


Our solution is fully automated and works in the background.  Your staff will scan as usual and the ZOOM™ processed images will appear on the radiologist PACs system for analysis.

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