Z-LINK Remote Diagnostics

Z-Link™ - Remote Diagnostics System


Achieve greater efficiencies with Z-LINK™. Z-LINK™ is Zetta’s own remote diagnostic tool that allows instant access to your CT, MRI and PET/CT equipment. Our proactive approach allows us to quickly resolve many system errors and issues without the need of onsite service. This can be especially beneficial if your site is in a remote location.

Z-LINK™ 24x7 Remote Connectivity allows us to:Z LINK

  • Examine and Diagnose Network Configurations
  • View and Analyze Image Artifacts
  • View Error Logs and Analyze Data
  • Run Diagnostics
  • Remote Fix
  • System Configuration Changes
  • Add and Remove MRI Coils from your Coil List
  • Access Tube Arc Logs
  • Magnet Monitoring

Additional Benefits of


  • Maximize Equipment Uptime
  • Proactive Service Approach
  • Reduced Patient Impact

Z-LINK™'s strong passwords, SSL & 256-bit Rijndael AES encryption provides the highest security level on all remote connectivity sessions, from login to logout.

Remote Capabilities with Z-LINK™ include the following systems:

  • GE CT
  • GE MRI
  • Siemens CT
  • Siemens MRI
  • Siemens PET/CT
  • Philips CT
  • Philips MRI
  • Toshiba CT
  • Toshiba MRI

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Z-LINKTM Security Whitepaper


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