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ZDOSE-RP: Dose Report Software


Dose reports and metrics because you care.


Zetta's suite of innovative software solutions includes ZDOSE-RP; our Dose Report software for CT scanners.  Have you noticed that with the latest CT scanners, you will generate the Radiation DICOM Structured Report (RDSR) but then you have to transfer it to a Dose Image Registry (DIR), wait a few days to be able to view the CTDI values.  With ZDOSE-RP you will have immediate access to all of this data and more. 


ZDOSE-RP features custom built dashboards to access all scan data including CTDI, Study Types, Accession numbers, Referring Physician, ....etc.  ZDOSE-RP gives you the ability to list/filter on cases that exceed the predefined dose threshold and review the details of each scan. You can also export reports to Word, Excel and PDF format.  Keep your data on your own network, no need to transfer it or even use the cloud. 


ZDOSE-RP is designed to work with new and legacy scanners.


  • Automatic recording of series level CTDI/DLP and totals per exam
  • JCAHO and ACR Compliant
  • Interactive reporting capability for analyzing:Z-DOSE Report

1. Exams exceeding site’s predefined CTDI thresholds (threshold can be set by exam type)

2. Average CTDI/DLP per exam type, per physician and per scanner

3. Number of exams (Exam volumes) per exam type, per physician and per scanner

4. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly report

5. Search and sort data

6. Multiple dashboard tailored for different users group with different log ins, look and access to user relevant information; administrator login, radiology director, department manager, .......


  • Export reports to excel/word/pdf format
  • Easy to install and use
  • Works with most CT makes and models
  • Data is secured on your site's network
  • USA based Support


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